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For me this is a military country

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“…and I think that you, you are not free. For me this is a military country, because when you try to take a picture on the train or in a bus. People stop and see, why they see? All the people are thinking that we are spies, all people who have cameras are spies in this country. And it’s…it’s very sad…for you, and for all the people. I think when you don’t have visas to travel this isn’t democracy, I have a visa and I can travel all around the world, but Egyptian people can’t travel. All these issues are against democracy…” Random Foreign Journalist – Tahrir Square, March’12 Read the rest of this entry


The Room

In my future home, whether it’s going to be an apartment or a stand-alone house. Whether I’d be living single or with her, whoever the messed up person she’s gonna be. Well she’s gonna make what’s gonna be the biggest mistake of her life, she has to be messed up =P

Apart from her, my home has to have one of two things. Read the rest of this entry