The Room

In my future home, whether it’s going to be an apartment or a stand-alone house. Whether I’d be living single or with her, whoever the messed up person she’s gonna be. Well she’s gonna make what’s gonna be the biggest mistake of her life, she has to be messed up =P

Apart from her, my home has to have one of two things. If it’s gonna be a house, it has to have a secret hidden dungeon-like basement. Opened with some secret complex key (like the Bat lair, which Batman used to enter using three distinct piano notes), but my secret key would be something more brain damaging xD

If it’s gonna be a normal apartment, there has to be a private locked room which only I can enter through some technological lock with a retina scan or something more advanced =D

Both the room and the basement must have these things:

-Badass Wall-art for the following: TMNT’s Raphael, Donald Duck (and Phantom Duck), an epic battle between a dragon and a phoenix and League of Legends’ Katarina doing her ultimate signature ability DEATH LOTUS…..there’s probably more but those are the most important for now…

-A comfortable modern looking long chair or a ‘chaise-longue’. Conveniently placed in front of a Wide LCD screen TV connected to all sorts of gaming consoles.

-One of the most important items is the HAMMOCK. MUST HAVE HAMMOCK IN SECRET ROOM! Could be placed opposite to another screen near a mini-fridge and a light snack box.

-A digital art production desk

-A collection of jigsaw puzzles 1000+ pieces

Nobody would be able to enter this room, and I would go there and lock myself up until awesome works of art are produced. I’d also go in there for inspiration and having a fun, relaxing time.

If only I could make this dream come true =D


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