Monthly Archives: September 2012

#5 – Matchmaker Ad

Being desperate is ugly!

The worst thing in the world is to be stripped off your options, your freedom.
With nothing left to do you’ll be humiliating yourself in so many ways.

This anonymous spray-paint advertisement is a result of a very long list of defiled morals and contaminated standards.

I’m too frustrated to describe =|


The Silver Dream Jar

In the silver dream jar,

  • is a medallion that magically heals wounds.
  • is a fine brush that draws smiles on the faces of the poor and miserable.
  • is a warrior’s armor and a shining sword to fight through your life.
  • is an elixir of knowledge and wisdom.
  • is an iPad, a laptop and an Xbox full of awesome games.
  • is an electric guitar making music every night.
  • is a picture frame showing that certain time in your head.
  • is a high-tech helmet that enhances your imaginative thoughts.
  • is a locked safe for memories, those I had with my father…

A Companionable Lone Walk

I had a small lunch, I’m now hungry. I grabbed my keys, my magnets, and some money then I told my mom I’m going to buy some sandwiches from the nearby “Shabrawy”. She asked me to get her some icecream from a shop I’m gonna pass by.

Before I turned off the A/C and headed out of the room I caught the first notes of Linkin Park’s song: In the end (Piano Instrumental), a song that’s very nostalgic to me. A friend of mine reminded me of it with one of her tweets, so I took the stairs softly humming it. I opened the gate and went out, the streets were so quiet, it usually feels scary but I was glad nobody was there. Read the rest of this entry