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An even closer engagement

Previously: [A close engagement]

Today, my friends and I surprised a friend at his engagement party. The happiness was boldly obvious on his face, the widest smile and a ravishing attitude came forward with our presence. I was glad I was present and I thank my other friends for not making me miss this important moment. Read the rest of this entry


Days #7,8 Being serious and shit

On these two last days before the Eid holidays, I was given more responsibilities. Students asked me questions about things they don’t understand, I did a good job  answering them or at least I hope I did. I’m glad my colleagues have trusted me with this =)

One other thing they threw upon me was to watch over around 25 kids in an exam session. I spent 4 or 5 hours going back and forth, distributing looks on each and every one of them. A shush here and a silent warning there, answering this question or making this joke. I won’t tell you I had full control over the session, actually it got ridiculous in the last hour when there were fewer kids left. *tag: postponed point* Read the rest of this entry

Days #4,5,6

The following days I became more and more involved. With work, with students, with co-workers.

I’m starting to enjoy it an extra bit with everyday, a definitely good sign. But what’s more important to me is the existence of space in my day to do and dedicate time to other things as well, unlike my college years where all I could do and everything I did was for the sole purpose of college. It feels quite like a gift. I’m not bound to my work, yet I am committed and dedicated. But having the choice to get an excuse and be somewhere else with someone else doing something else is awesome. Read the rest of this entry

6# Just lose it, go crazy, oh baby

An ex-goalkeeper, a former vice-president of the Egyptian Football Association, football commentator and a TV show anchor. Ahmed Shobeir, publicly well-known around Egypt for all kinds of reputations, has added another label “Ridiculously moronic” as was his show on the 17th of October 2012. Read the rest of this entry

Day #3 Work irrelevant

Today wasn’t heavy at all in terms of work, fine by me 😀

But I had the chance to meet two of my friends, a working archi fresh grad, Dina and another engineering grad, Heidi. We were talking about our work situations. Dina’s been working since the 2nd week after graduation, Heidi still looking and I just started 3 days ago.

Dina started at how frustrated she is and how she wants to quit and find another job. And she started to tell how others weren’t happy with their current jobs. She started listing their many different reasons, ones that I’m already aware of. Read the rest of this entry

Day #2 Getting into character

Yesterday, the second day, I was more involved with the action. I’m not known or recognized to be one among the staff but that will come with time.

I got to practice my authority. I’m put in the place of those whom I looked up to. I got to see how things are run backstage and I could certainly see how this job could turn into a really boring routine. I FUCKING HATE ROUTINES! So I’ll try to add a personal touch or insert external activities within my day so I can have a taste of variety AND be able to contribute at quite a high level. I’ll need to be creative for that.

It still weirds me out switching the roles, back in the days I used to perform differently and now when I’m back it doesn’t “feel” different, heck I don’t feel so different 😀 but my purpose is, and my task has changed completely.

Anyways, I’m off to my third day. See you in a few hours 🙂

Day #1 Discover

Two days ago, was my first day at my first job ever.

It was good, I was all over the place trying to discover and explore as much as I can about how things go around.

My co-workers were friendly and I don’t think they will be much trouble later on.

I didn’t do much because there wasn’t much to do anyway and there’s yet the question of trust for a newcomer and big responsibilities. I’m still training.


I’ve watched lots of stick figures action movies on thanks to my awesome friend Spectre who introduced me to that awesome website. Actually it’s a hub for all creative art, music, animations and flash movie makers all over the world from all levels. Amateurs to veterans, and the website community appreciates “work” and “effort” as long as it’s creative, original with an edge. Read the rest of this entry

If you did not exist

Read the rest of this entry

Finders Keepers

“You listen now, my love,
after I’ve declared it to you
and the whole world.
I’m locking out every other choice
just to keep you
for a lifetime.
and if you ask you’ll know that
I never give away this immense amount
of my individual freedom. Read the rest of this entry