Finders Keepers

“You listen now, my love,
after I’ve declared it to you
and the whole world.
I’m locking out every other choice
just to keep you
for a lifetime.
and if you ask you’ll know that
I never give away this immense amount
of my individual freedom.
For I am a man of occasional whims,
a man who gets bored when placed
in a routine that’s uncomfortable,
or that doesn’t make sense to me.
That, my love, accounts for my mood swings.
Yet I’ve chosen you…
with everything that this may come with
I am prepared and I’ll do my best,
and I may even need to top that,
to protect this sacred pact we’re about to seal.
So it would be foolish if I didn’t pour those
words out of my heart and head.
Because I don’t want to have second guesses,
or doubt for a moment what’s already decided.
I have lived long, long years before you
came into my life.
A long time has passed since I changed
I got used to the things I do, the places I go
The people I spend my time with, but
having you enter this sphere of mine.
I can’t tell…
I can’t tell if that sphere should stay whole,
same goes for yours.
Or should both spheres collide and create
a new form of life.
Should you enter mine and discover how much
you’d fit in? and I’d do the same for yours.
Or should we fuse ourselves into one and collide,
together, with everything.

I don’t want you to be surprised or shocked,
for we still know too little, about each other,
and we’ll probably see of each other,
what we’ve never showed another,
stuff that could be different from the familiar,
for both of us.
I want you to be daring to openly point out
and discuss, the things you don’t understand.
and I promise you I’ll always be willing to answer,
to whatever matter, change if the need urges me.
For I’m planning to go through a lot with you,
You could be the first, and you could not.
But surely you’ll be the last, you’re a keeper.”


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