If you did not exist

This sentence hit me like a speeding train, crashing the solid matter of whatever my mind is made of, every splinter of it holding a whole idea by itself. It’s a reminder for those who think little of themselves, little of their effect and influence, little of their power and abilities.

In your life you get in contact with lots of unpleasantries, things that you hate but you cannot change, and these things stick at the back of your mind, stacking over days, weeks and years. Creating what I would call a ‘self-disempowering sub-conscious’, a dumpster of all the crap you had to deal with through the course of your life. It keeps telling you you’re weak, ineffective, you’re a nobody, you’re worthless, you’re not important. The world doesn’t care if you’re dead or alive, if you’re sick or healthy, if you got what you wanted or not.

So the question is, should the world start caring? I’d say no. You’re the one who should stop caring about the world caring about you, why? Because I’d say you’ve already left a mark somehow sometime somewhere on someone or something for some reason or another, or for no reason at all, on purpose or spontaneously. Your life can’t equal zero, it’s not negligible, removable, detachable or disposable.


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