I’ve watched lots of stick figures action movies on Newgrounds.com thanks to my awesome friend Spectre who introduced me to that awesome website. Actually it’s a hub for all creative art, music, animations and flash movie makers all over the world from all levels. Amateurs to veterans, and the website community appreciates “work” and “effort” as long as it’s creative, original with an edge.

Something that I heavily followed for a while was Stick figures and their bloody fights using all of the fighting techniques, weapons, martial arts and combat style.

Anyways, most of the movies made were similar, the ones which stood out were pretty impressive and had a WHOLE LOT OF EPICNESS!

But there’s one that outlevelled them all by lightyears.

THIS! My #1 Stick figure fight

I first saw this on newgrounds.com where the artist had coded buttons to control and change the camera focus and zoom at random, giving you a different experience every time you watch the fight (and you’ll certainly re-watch it!) The attention to the details and the swords glow and the variety of hits is tremendously amazing! JustSolo uploaded it on newgrounds in 2008 and I haven’t saw any other stick figure fights that could top it.
Here’s the link to the original post on newgrounds [http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/430990] in case you want to experience the random cameras.

#2 Stick Figure Spotlight 2 – Demacia VS Noxus by HYUN “FlyingPanda1990”

This video is based on the characters of League of Legends, featuring characters from two opposing cities from the game lore: Demacia & Noxus. Demacia representing the champions that serve for honor, justice and light. Noxus being the villain city full of raiders, mad scientists and bounty hunters. However, it is still as much appealing to non-League of Legends players. The fights are epic and hold a great variety.
#3 Stick Figure Spotlight 1 – League of Legends by HYUN “FlyingPanda1990”

This one is by the same artist, with the same League of Legends theme. But instead of having multiple characters, it’s only one stickman morphing into a dozen of league of legends champions, fighting in a showdown against ordinary stickmen. It’s pointless to say AWEEEESOOOOOME!

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