Day #3 Work irrelevant

Today wasn’t heavy at all in terms of work, fine by me 😀

But I had the chance to meet two of my friends, a working archi fresh grad, Dina and another engineering grad, Heidi. We were talking about our work situations. Dina’s been working since the 2nd week after graduation, Heidi still looking and I just started 3 days ago.

Dina started at how frustrated she is and how she wants to quit and find another job. And she started to tell how others weren’t happy with their current jobs. She started listing their many different reasons, ones that I’m already aware of.

That made me smile, not at their misery for sure 😀 but because I became more convinced that I did the right decision shifting my career path away from architecture. I’m happy I didn’t throw myself back there, with all the things I complained about before in the past two years. They exist as well as many more at every archi job.

Heidi commented that at least they’re getting experience needed for a fresh grad’s CV. But what would I need experience for? I pray that I won’t be needing that -en sha2 Allah- and my path goes, not necessarily smooth or trouble-free. It would just go, and keep on going =)


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