Days #4,5,6

The following days I became more and more involved. With work, with students, with co-workers.

I’m starting to enjoy it an extra bit with everyday, a definitely good sign. But what’s more important to me is the existence of space in my day to do and dedicate time to other things as well, unlike my college years where all I could do and everything I did was for the sole purpose of college. It feels quite like a gift. I’m not bound to my work, yet I am committed and dedicated. But having the choice to get an excuse and be somewhere else with someone else doing something else is awesome.

I am grateful. I’m not less busy, I’m just doing more stuff I want.

I’m not saying there are no problems, there are no obstacles or that everything is cool and trouble-free.
What I’m saying is that I’m not minding it, it’s a package that comes with every offer and I’m facing it with all the determination in the world, the determination to keep myself happy and positive =)

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