Days #7,8 Being serious and shit

On these two last days before the Eid holidays, I was given more responsibilities. Students asked me questions about things they don’t understand, I did a good job  answering them or at least I hope I did. I’m glad my colleagues have trusted me with this =)

One other thing they threw upon me was to watch over around 25 kids in an exam session. I spent 4 or 5 hours going back and forth, distributing looks on each and every one of them. A shush here and a silent warning there, answering this question or making this joke. I won’t tell you I had full control over the session, actually it got ridiculous in the last hour when there were fewer kids left. *tag: postponed point*

Obviously the exam was so much harder than the previous one, lots of those who got a perfect score on the 1st were having trouble with this one being the 2nd. I felt pity for them but I can’t help them during the exam so I kept telling them to do more effort and study harder because Math 2 needs that. I ended up helping them with bits and tips, which should be forbidden, and I won’t revert to that in the future exams.

I also didn’t want to be like those who used to watch over us back at the time I was a student, being annoying and bossy for a reason or for none. I don’t want to generalize one way of treatment and apply it on everyone, at least I’ll try to. I didn’t take any severe measures against the kids that day, being the first time and all. But to be honest they were very provocative, I won’t claim I was up to all of the cheating. I won’t claim that I know all their ways, all I can say is that I’ve been a student and I’ve had my share of being one. And that time wasn’t too far from now so I can still relate to what they do. The fact that I’m supposed to be hard and strict to force some level of discipline will surely create a barrier, untying the friendly bonds we’ve established outside the exam sessions, but they should know that this is my job now and its my job to make sure the exams reflect their true performance. So as to sew up any deficiencies or defects, not to cause any specific problems between a certain kid and the Teacher, or between the kid and his parents. It’s all for their sake, cliche as it is but it’s true.

I hope they excuse me later for the things I might be forced to do, as much as I hate it, but they better not push it too far.


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