An even closer engagement

Previously: [A close engagement]

Today, my friends and I surprised a friend at his engagement party. The happiness was boldly obvious on his face, the widest smile and a ravishing attitude came forward with our presence. I was glad I was present and I thank my other friends for not making me miss this important moment.

As we move on with our lives, each one of us will face his own challenges trying to accomplish his personal goals and dreams, being together in everything we did for the last two years has made it obligatory that we also share and live these moments with each other regardless of it being personal. We were not invited for the ceremony as it was meant to be exclusive for both families only but we knew we had to be there.

I’m happy for my friend and brother, Zingy. I congratulate him for being the first one to take that step among us and I wish for them an eternal stream of love and a life that brings the best out of them, for both of them. =)

This time the circle’s closing more and more, last time I could distance myself from taking this step for quite a fair distance. Now it doesn’t feel that far! Funny how things change in less than nine months. I am old now, I feel that way lately. I finished my education, I have a job, I realized that I can say “When I get older, I will…” no more. New objectives were revealed, I’m on the lookout for chances that’ll help me pursue my dreams, I’m not dreaming about them as much now, this is the time of action. So as wide as the space that lies between me and taking such step, or as far as I can see it from here forwards, I know it’s gonna happen. I tell myself otherwise most of the time, and I tell everyone else that most of the time as well. But I know it’s gonna happen, I just don’t want to be forced to do it when the time comes, because if that happens I’d definitely choose to be a *foreveralone* like my friends and I always label me.

And again, all I have is the pressure of the surrounding people. Many people are getting engaged, friends and cousins around my age. Older relatives trying to trick me into confessing those deepest secrets of my personal life, which is pointless. For some reason I don’t really know, they believe I’m the kind of person who must be hiding something like that, which I absolutely don’t. What I have now is what I had nine months ago, a few crushes on friends who’ve sparked my interest and admiration. And there’s no need to trick me into confessing that because nothing develops out of those anyway x) So basically there’s not much to tell…

No more do I think that it’s not the time to go through this, but I do think I’m not ready for it at this stage with things being the way they are now. That’s why I’m sticking to doing what I want, trying to make something out of myself. I’m not sure if I have all the time in the world or not, but I’m definitely not going to rush things up.

And maybe along that path of the self-seekers
I’ll stumble upon that someone, the soulmate.
Someone I would entitle the Lady, the Keeper,

And the decision feels so logical and innate


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