#1 One thing I wouldn’t want people to say about me

This seemed like a tough topic when my friend -Noha- suggested it, but after some thought I found a couple. I don’t like to be called ungrateful, shallow-minded, an asshole, depressing or unhelpful. But since I have to talk about one thing only, I’ll take the last…

I don’t like to be called unhelpful.

Being helpful is one thing I like to be known by. I’m never tight-fisted with the things I own, do or know. It’s my way of earning people’s acceptance, I may not be high on social skills so what I do is what I rely on, what I do to others to be precise. Since I was a kid, I helped almost anyone who asked, which was fine for the early school years and high school. But as I grew up I got introduced to those with different concepts about being helpful. In college, the competitive atmosphere forces you sometime to hide your secrets until you reap the fruits of your distinctive success. I remember through my five years, people weren’t at ease sharing what they have, for so many reasons. This atmosphere wasn’t comfortable for me at all. It got better in the last year when everything was already on the table and what mattered were the quality, effort and personal skills.

As of course, information is power, knowledge is power and humans are power hungry creatures. Helping others to some people must come at a cost; helping should give back a personal benefit in return. “Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” that sort of thing. I don’t deal with help in this manner, and that’s why I rarely ask for help from others because I don’t want to owe them something in return. I help because I can, not because I must! Although I help those who are close, those are the ones I help because I must.

I also like being helpful because I put much thought and effort in the things I do, to the tiniest detail, I pay attention to these details and add my own touch to them. This is why sometimes I can tell exactly the points where someone might go wrong if they’re going through the same process I’ve been.

To me, being helpful means making someone else’s life easier, even the tiniest things can make a significant change in their lives. I never hold in anything I know from others, I like to think that giving it away will be a reason to be remembered. Not to mention that it feels good, having played a role in someone else’s success in doing or achieving something.

I just don’t like being called unhelpful, or useless, simple 😀


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