#3 A letter to myself in 20 years

I’ve sent a letter back in time to the 14-year old me. So to keep things fair and balanced, I thought about having something to be able to track back what will happen to me through those coming years. This is how I would imagine myself to be like, this is how I’d expect I’d have done by then, this is how I’d hope I’d achieve.

Dear Nabih in the year 2032,

                I won’t delve into the imaginative part about the future where everyone expects cyborgs & robots to be dominating the planet with aliens as neighbors and flying saucers as taxis because seriously, this shit is overrated because 10 years ago, movies have tried to implant the idea that by the year 2010 we’d have flying cars and we’ll be capable of time travel which –absolutely- didn’t happen, not even close. The world is heading towards its doom, and self-destruction is as close as ever. So, if you don’t mind I’ll stick to what I know…

                Nabih, in the year 2032 you’ll be 42 years old. I hope by then you’d still be healthy, if there’s anything I’d want you to keep, it’s that. Because you see, I’ve succeeded in staying away from smoking or drugs for 22 years and I’d like to keep that record for another 20 years. You better still be as calm and peaceful as I’ve always been, although I secretly wish that you’ll have something worth getting furious for, worth fighting for and someone worth giving your life to.

                I want you to have a new to-do-list, after finishing the one I have now and the one I’ll have during my thirties. I want yours to further push those things I’m pursuing now. I do wish that you’ll have been settled upon a couple of paths to be leading. That you’ll have some sort of a daily program that you won’t be bored of, through which you achieve something on the short and the long term.

                I’m asking you to keep the good ties I have with my family now. That you’ll keep in touch with my brothers and cousins, to be that uncle who makes their kids happy with his visits. Also to keep in touch those favorite people I’ve met, I’d hate to lose those, call them frequently, check on them, see how there are, cheer them up and support them on whatever they’re doing. I’m also asking you to take excellent care of our mother, may she live well for long, and forgive me if I don’t seem to be helping you with it that much now.

                I won’t mind if you’ll still be single, pursuing that *awesome forever alone* lifestyle I’m representing so far is totally fine. But I’ll be happier for us if you have your own family: wife and kids, and to take care of them the way I keep telling myself I’ll do. But whether you’ll be single or not, what matters to me is that you’ll be happy doing it, being it and that it must also make you happy in return.

                I don’t know how your relationship would be with games at that age, but I’d hope you’ll still be playing, and enjoying it. Or doing something else that you enjoy as much as I enjoy games right now, I’d want you to be happy and pleased with what you do, as well as satisfied and grateful for the things we’ve done.

                That would be all for now; I’ll message you later when new things come up. Take care for now and don’t forget to call our brother Mahmoud to arrange for our next future “Bro-gathering”.

Yours truly,
22-year old Nabih


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  1. it’s fun to write to yourself 😀 i tried it a couple of times and every time I read what I wrote it feels as if it’s coming from someone else 😀 weird,huh?

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