Days 9 to 14

N.B: I couldn’t post throughout this week so I’ll just merge them into this single post. I’m thinking about making this a weekly post because the routine gears are getting in place and there’s no point re-writing what I mentioned previously.

Back from the Eid holidays, these 6 days felt more crowded than before, and that’s normal because we’re picking up the pace with the students and starting new branches of Math. I’m still adapting to the ratio between the working time and the free time. Because that’s how I’ll get other things done, things I need to do like imEU’s work and personal stuff like posting here for example.

I’ve had a long talk with one of my co-workers about the future of work. From this point and forwards, I don’t have a clear idea yet of how the whole process goes. I don’t have all the information I think I need to know. What I want now is to digest the systems to be able to contribute through suggestions of improving its quality in general. I don’t interfere much with the current state until I know enough.

I’m also still refreshing my memory with the mathematics course. I’m not hiding that fact from anyone, even the students as I still don’t remember everything.

But I’m glad I’m doing this so far, there’s not much challenge to it but I don’t mind that.


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