#5 Advice, from experience

Tell us about something you’ve done that you would advise a friend never to do.

Okay, here we go…

Two years ago, I did something I’m not proud of. It was the beginning of my third year in architecture (college 4th). I had had enough from the problems that took place the year before because of my relation with my previous group and all the awkwardness I had to put myself through. I decided I’d start looking for another group to work with. I didn’t know much of my class and only a handful were possible co-workers.

Back then, I made a promise to someone that we’ll be together in whichever group I’d find. I didn’t have much options as I mentioned before, and I didn’t contact many people with my intentions and search. Just one awesome friend (Y.K), who also didn’t have a group of his own, said he’d help me. But he wasn’t sure about his ability to help the other one. Anyways, at the beginning of the year when we got our first project and everyone went in the process of group formation. Y. helped me find those who are now my brothers, my archies and he’s one of them as well. But I couldn’t fulfill my promises to the other one, because I had no decision power back then, and there weren’t plenty of places and I’m not sure if there was any premade plans back then or personal objections. But whatever the reasons were or whatever the excuses I’m trying to make were.

I advise you, my friend…
to always keep your word, to bear the honors of your promises and keep them. Never make promises you can’t keep, because someone might be counting on you, trusting you more than you deserve, more than they normally do or more than they should. So don’t break your promises, think about others and how miserable they may become as a consequence to you letting them down.
I keep telling myself, I was longing for my piece of mind. I keep telling myself I suffered so much I want to lose the stress and unhappiness. I kept telling myself I’ve got too much shit to handle. But it never got me over the fact that I ditched someone whom I might owe a lot, or I might owe none, but I gave a word, and a man’s word should be honored…!


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