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While I was writing my fifth post for NaBloPoMo. I wanted to recall how things were back then, I opened my facebook profile, clicked on the year 2010 and set it to “All stories”. Then started scrolling down and down and down…I was indifferent at first, maybe a bit serious because I wanted to remember how I was when I did that thing I’m not very proud of. But as I scrolled down, a smile was slightly being drawn on my face. I passed by posts by close & best friends, people who shaped that year for me, those whom I used to talk to more than anyone else, those who’ve helped me get through all this shit, just by listening to what I had to share or by giving advice. They were where I vented before I had this blog =)

I came across pictures of outings with old friends, times I really appreciated for having lived. I read hundreds and hundreds of my statuses, 80% of them were stuff that I would still write, even though I thought I’ve changed since then. 15% that I don’t think I’d write them now being what I am, where I am. The remaining 5% I had no idea what I’d wrote them for, then I started to recall the occasions after I read the comments, or the timing, or the people who liked it, or the surrounding posts. There was still one from the 5% I couldn’t link to anything so I’ll just label those as top-level random šŸ˜€

I also passed by posts I’ve been exchanging with my writers team in an online magazine project I used to run back then, something I’m really REALLY proud of right now even thought it wasn’t fruitful. But it gives me pulses of happiness that I didn’t leave a pure bad impression on those I’ve worked with, I’m not detaching myself from the responsibility of its failure but I still think I did pretty well, being my first experience and all.

I passed by my very early attempts of writing, poems, facebook notes I wrote, facebook notes I was tagged, others I was tagged in and didn’t read. I passed by supportive posts me and my archies shared after every nice performance we did in our college projects. I passed by lots and lots of stuff!

I kept scrolling down and down and down, and the more I scrolled the wider my smile grew. I started to like really old posts and really old comments, people will surely get weirded out by those uncalled for notifications. But I’d love to share a moment with some of those people I was glad I passed by these old memories and make them remember it for a minute.

and I’d like to make use of this chance to thank them all, and thank every other name I came upon.

and in the end I’d advise you to do this scrolling-down journey every once in a while, it might set things straight for you =)


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