#6 The change I wanna make

What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

This would be a tough question because my intentions and the decision of creating a blog didn’t consider directly changing anything in the world. It is and always been for me and if someone happens to tag along, relate or share their thoughts about the same topics I address, I’ll surely be pleased.

But if I am to think forwardly, “Venting” could be the reason of giving the world a new awesome influential author. 😀

For anyone who reads or has read my posts, to all of the loyal followers and the regular readers, my blog could pose as an example -or a trial- to how honest and true one should be to himself. To admit being wrong, to be able to say whatever about whatever, to always keep that mind of yours working and to keep the flow of thoughts going. Never feel ashamed to express yourself even if you’re aware you’ll be judged, made fun of or labeled. Not just because someone out there can understand where you’re coming from, but expressing yourself freely is like having a fixation to the ground, a strong fixation of who you are.

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