#7 “Everyone shut off their minds, so I’ll turn on mine”

“Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Turn that line into the title of your post.”

Everyone’s sleeping through life
afraid that their questions
just might have answers.
Everyone shut off their minds,
so I’ll turn on mine…!

Alone in a world,
with millions of souls
walking in Circles.
Trapped in their dreams,
unhealthy, unclean,
walking in Circles, now
Do not disturb,
scream in silence,
everyone’s sleeping.

We’re living inside of our mouths.
Afraid someone just might
hear what we’re thinking.
Careful of what you might say,
Cause they’ll put you away”

Walking in circles – Dead by Sunrise

This song is one of my favorites though I don’t listen to it that much, maybe because it isn’t quite the cheerful type, but I find it quite motivating at specific times. Because at times you might find yourself unwilling to act. Unwilling to talk, to listen, to think, to see or do anything with anyone. You do shut yourself off the world whose weight lies on your shoulders. It reminds me somehow of the times I stood out and swam against the current while everyone else just gave themselves up to the waters’ mercy, towards the middle of the vortex, moving around in these pre-destined inward spirals until they get sucked in. It induces confidence in me to say the things in my mind, even the weirdest things, even the things for which I’ll be made fun of, because I believe that’s one of the reasons I’m here for.

I’m not gonna let myself go through life unwatched, unheard or unfulfilled, just because others dictate it.

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