Week 3 – Days 15 to 21

Last week, my boss wanted to talk to me before we left. I didn’t have any idea what he wanted to talk about, but my mind instantly started to look for the things that seemingly looked like mistakes. Three days later, very briefly and quickly after the day was done and everyone was heading home, I stopped and asked. It was the first time he asked me for a talk and he only wanted me so I didn’t know what to expect. But in the less than a minute he talked, I got less stressed, and I said nothing, I didn’t reply, but I agreed to everything he said. He wanted me to get more involved, start to criticize, start to add my personal touch, being smart and creative he expects me to leave my mark on the work we do. That even after I leave, if I left, my presence would be missed and remembered through the stuff I contributed in improving the overall performance.

I don’t really mind anything he said, because I do feel I’m still not doing much. So, do I want to do more? Yes, because I know I can do more. How much more I can do is affected by the other things I do beside work. So my concentration might be divided among a couple of things. But as long as I’m at work and there’s work to do I give it my 100%, that’s a given fact.

I need to live up to the expectations because obviously till now I’m progressing slowly. There are many things that are happening in my life and that’s what could be keeping me busy but work is work and if I don’t live up to the expectations. Not that I’m lazy or something, but so far I’ve been filling the missing gaps. Doing the things nobody does whether they’re busy with something else or even if they just don’t want to and letting the new fish make his way upwards.

Anyways, There’s a lot for me to do here and I won’t just spend time even if I consider this a temporary job. I still need to be that super awesome me >: )


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