Day 31

Shit just got serious!

After today’s staff meeting, for the first time I felt how immense the volume of the project we’re working on. I found out that I’m a member of an entity established long before I even knew about it for the first time. It feels good to be honest, gives you some sort of motivation and an exciting push. Knowing the size of the creation I’m within is crucial for me to evaluate and estimate what I’ll be representing.

During the past three weeks, all I did at work was to perform the tasks I’m given in the best way I can, which wasn’t very challenging. Establish a friendly connection with the students, which was a bit challenging. And between this and that I had the opportunity to observe, grasp and absorb the current work systems, hierarchy, task and responsibility distributions. That’s when new dimensions of work started to emerge, dimensions I wasn’t aware of.

These dimensions have revealed a new series of challenges awaiting me along the road, decisions I’m gonna have to make from this moment onwards. I’m gonna have to step up my game to be able to overcome those challenges. I’m pleased with the rate things are developing and I’m intending to make good progress in the right track in the coming weeks, because the ability is not the limitation as much as it is the time and how I direct it and put it to my advantage.

With a different perspective many many things will change, maybe another image of myself will emerge in the coming weeks, one that could be unlike how I’ve been before. Many aspects will change, people will be affected. I’m not sure of the consequences but as usual I’ll bear them.

Let’s get it on!

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