I’m going through a phase where I am redefining many things right now.
One amongst them is between how I used to do things and how I should do them now with all the changes that occurred.
I’m having a surge of thoughts but I’m not keen on how these should be displayed or whether these should be out on display for this new section of readers.

I’m leaning towards not changing anything and keep the same tone and the same level of openness and honesty. Because that’s what’s gonna keep me going even if it is possible to get me in trouble. But I’d rather keep venting the way it is than change it for someone else or many.

Because after all, I’m never gonna try to look like someone I’m not, or fake something I’m not.
I lay it all out in front of everyone AND no one at all because originally, I’m writing for myself.
and it’s more important for me to see myself the way it was, unaffected and true.

So here’s the decision…
A green light…

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