Never pull your roots off

George’s Dad – You hurt your brothers’ feelings.

George – Dad!

– You did.

– They talk to me like I’m stupid. They call me Georgie. They’ve never treated me like I’m one of them.

-George, Jerry is a dry cleaner, Ronny works in a post office, I drive a truck…
You’re a surgeon. You’re not one of us…
I know it. And they know it. You make sure we know it.

– Dad…

– I’m not blaming you. It makes me proud you’re so smart. Like I did something right. It’s just…
We try. We try to include you. But you don’t like the stuff that we like…
and we don’t know how to talk about the stuff you wanna talk about.
You’re not one of us. But damn it, we don’t treat you like you’re stupid.
You treat us like we’re stupid. And maybe we are, but we’re your family.
Give us an inch, Georgie. Every once in a while, pick a car.

George O’Malley and his dad – Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 Episode 9

Don’t deliberately scorn the things your family does, just because you’ve changed into something better and learned new better ways of living. Instead, make them feel appreciated, deliver those thanks they deserve. Close the distance drawn between you and them by the methods of time and placement. They might not be like you, or the people you see everyday in your college or your workplace, they might think differently of the things you’ve become to care about. They might joke differently, enjoy themselves differently and do things in a way that seems old-fashioned, stupid and outdated to you. But this doesn’t give you the right to be an ass-hole about it and make them feel inferior in anyway, you’re the product of their sacrifices and the fruit of their patient wait. Show them your world, make them proud of you, make them feel happy of themselves because they managed to bring you up in such good way they will show you off to the world if they could… =)

For my parents, brothers, family, relatives and my oldest of friends =)


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