Yah ya Mer

What if one little thing I said, or did, could have made it all fall apart? What if I’d chosen another life for myself, or another person? We might have never found each other. What if I’d been raised differently? What if my mother had never been sick? What if I’d actually had a good father? What if… What if… What if?

This post marks my -inevitable- approval of Meredith Grey’s monologues. I haven’t liked Meredith, not at all, and I’ve been watching quite a lot of the show. It took me 8 seasons, the 13th episode to be exact. To finally be able to admit that she said something I liked…

Still, she’s overrated and not as legendary as *cough* girl *cough* fan friends said she is.

On a more serious -and as brief as possible- note, ‘what ifs’ suck. They are destructive, and they leave you out of reality, they pull you into re-imagining past and present if something had happened differently or something you said differently. It’s a long way in an even longer way back, don’t go there unless you have your exit card ready at hand all the time.

“It went the way it was meant to be…”
“This is how it was destined”
or something totally different
something that is not cliche…
your own exit card…


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