One Cyber-Ballistic Metaphor


Sincerely, Salma

Image“People change, that’s all; it’s about expectations, isn’t it? It’s about letting your expectations change- your idea if how things should be. 
When I was in the Air Force, we had these things called cybernetic missiles ok? Now when my dad was in WWII they had ballistic missiles, you know the difference?
Ballistic measles- you know the target, you fire the ammo, and it never changes course. Once that thing leaves the ground it’s gonna hit the spot you aimed it at no matter what. The problem with that is, the targets got smart, the targets learned to move and the missile didn’t. So you fire the missile, and that’s all folks, it’s gonna hit something but it’s not gonna hit the thing you aimed it at because that’s not there anymore. 
So they invented the cybernetic missile, you program it at launch, you let it go, but if the…

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