Pushing these away

The following thoughts have made it through several trials of me pushing them away, silenced for almost a week; they just keep rising to the surface.

It’s just that at some point you believe you made unspoken promises, imagined having firsts with that someone in that past’s future. And now in that future, you find you shifted, ended up somewhere else with a selection of new faces, none of those who lasted from that past.

I’m not at all comparing what is with what could’ve been, and I dare not say this would’ve been better if.

I had the time of my life, the things I felt and the things I did were authentic and genuine, this is an undeniable fact.

But I can’t get over this hole he, or in fact they, left behind. How I may sometimes consider that this spot which was filled by one person, is still blowing winds though I’ve let many people in.

I’ve moved on, I definitely did, but I just can’t help rethinking…

Somewhere along the path, I’ve lost a friend…
Whom I thought would be there till the end,
The sands of time has shifted,
Distance spanned between us two…
He has not been replaced, and I’m not trying to
Because the vast void volume only keeps expanding,
And corkscrews happen to open a different lock.


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