The Deepest Darkest Secrets

Friend: Something was wrong with you yesterday

Me: Yeah, Sorry, I was really really mean…
and suicidal.

Suicidal? Tell me more about that 😀

-I don’t like to talk about it much :C

Come on it’s me 😛

-No, I’m not sure you’re strong enough to take it :C

-I am 😀

-No no this is too much for you to handle :C

-Come on!

But remember, you asked for it…


-*deep breath*

-Done 😀

-That was me readying myself :C


-“It started one day when I had this strange dream…


-I was at home…
Nobody was there, strangely…
So I set out looking for them…
I opened the door,
But found no stairs!
There was a sunny
Vast field.
Then out in the distance…
A silhouette of a person appeared.
It was coming towards me,
I looked around…
for something, anything
But found none!
So I walked towards the silhouette
As we got closer
I recognized it was a girl
I didn’t know her
But she looked familiar…


-When we reached one another,
She had a really really serious face,
Like one that’s bearing bad news
We stood up there for a minute in silence
Then she looked down and turned up to me…
“Have you been here before?” She asked
“No, Never. I was just looking for my family and somehow I ended up here”
“Well, I’m sorry, but you won’t find anyone here.”
“What’s this place anyway? It looks like it’s never-ending and there’s not a single thing I can see in the distance.”
“This place, was before the largest banana plantation on earth….
But now it’s a barren land…
And there will be no more bananas on earth!”

That’s when I woke up in shock! I’ve been feeling depressed ever since. And I’m getting suicidal over the idea of bananas disappearing forever. I don’t think I can live with it :C

Friend: Most depressing dream ever :C

Me: I know, right? :C

So that was me and my brain on a trial to make something out of nothing. This was -simply- the answer to “Something was wrong with you yesterday.” I tried to make it look serious and that I’m giving very personal information, with twists and turns in the story, numerous random elements added for no reason whatsoever even if these elements have the power and potential to take the storyline to meaningful places. But still the ending reveals no solid plot.

That’s just how you tell your deepest darkest secrets…LIKE A BOSS!

*Credits to Farrah, who survived this whole bunch of improvised nonsense*


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