Sowing seeds

Skipping the intros…

There comes a time when you will be becoming someone of use, someone who needs to be there for others because others need to be there for some other people or for themselves and their loved ones.

But is that what you should be all about? being there for someone else?

I just don’t think so, if there’s a priority list, you should land on top of it.

You just don’t get sucked in it. Others need your presence, as well as you, you will also need to be there for them.

But you don’t want to get sucked in that too and forget about yourself. Even if it would seem you’re giving out too much for others and getting so little in return, do not bail, do not walk out on those seeds you planted. Because you don’t know what fruit you’ll reap from each of these seeds, and you also don’t know when these trees will sprout. It could be your temporary shadow in a sunny summer day when you can’t escape the heat. Or it can be your guardian angel in a dark chilly night when you’re blind and fighting your own ghosts.

So don’t phase out into the fade, water those seeds whenever you feel like doing so, whenever you can do so. It will reflect back onto you…

I’m diggin’ my way..
I’m diggin’ my way to somethin’…
I’m diggin’ my way to somethin’ better.

I’m pushing to stay..
I’m pushing to stay with somethin’…
I’m pushing to stay with somethin’ better.

I’m sowing the seeds..
I’m sowing the seeds I’ve taken…
I’m sowing the seeds I take for granted

Bleeding me – Metallica


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  1. I can say that I really relate to the stuff you write and the way you think and that’s what keeps me coming back .

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