Blank Three

Death, once more we meet…

Yesterday three of my favorite cousins lost their dear mother. She’s been sick for sometime, and she’s been fighting it. But sadly in the last few days it got the best of her.

And as I’ve been destined, I’ve been there, present during her last days.

It’s not a direct hit for me, I didn’t know much about her and there was only a handful of times of contact on a few occasions but she belonged to the smallest circle of family I have. Among my mother and brothers, she has been my mother’s best friend since my mother came to live here. My uncle, aunt and three daughters lived right downstairs and that is how close my mother and my aunt were. Daily calls, visits, chats, discussions…the whole best friends package, for more than two decades it lasted.

For the devastation I saw and felt from my mother is great and it struck me deep, I can only imagine it struck her ten times harder.

And as a part of us goes away with every close person that dies, my mother has only few parts remaining, loss after loss.

And because my mother is the biggest part of me, a part of me went with my aunt as well…Sadly, I’m aware of the effect of this on my mother, the thoughts won’t put her mind to rest, so I should start giving her more of that for balance.

Back then in 2009 after the loss of my grandmother, my dad’s mother. I made this simple image:MeHalf green for my mother’s side and half black for my dad’s…
Now 4 years later, the greener part has shrunk and has gone a bit darker.

The green is growing smaller,
Whilst the dark is taking over,
The feeble branch gave up and fell,
And the leaves went loose,
The winds get stronger, as time goes
More branches dry, fall out…
And the tree gets lonelier and lonelier…

Blank Two


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