Nothing but…sad

The problem is, in such a deformed reality, that we’re obliged to re-invent the wheel on a regular basis. Because after the first wheel was invented, those responsible of managing the wheel, responsible of creating the subsequent wheels failed, or let’s not be unfair. They just wanted to solve the short term problems they faced, never looked beyond, never looked further for those coming next. Never documented a plan, a directive for their descendant managers to know the reasoning and rationale behind their decisions. Every next idea of theirs is as short-sighted as the first. So the downsides, the downfalls they had to bear weren’t emphasized enough for their heirs to follow up with the essential maintenance for the shortcomings of their precedents. They wouldn’t even reinforce and strengthen the benefits previously gained, had they known any better.

And that’s what we have to deal with, today. Layers of inconsistency, instability, formless structure built from non-harmonious tissue glued together by means of time and the pressure keeps trying to form impossible bonds, between those deformed realities our fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers created. We experience such a deformed reality where no absolute truth exists, no pure principle, no valid value. We strive to struggle with all of these unnatural births. And we cannot fix them because, being a result of injustice, idiocy, poor planning, distancing themselves from the ugliness left behind every layer laid down as base to the next.

So nothing really works, in trials to feel the slightest bit better about themselves the people helplessly sought an upgrade through the loopholes, through sucking up, through opportunism. Basically climbing over their equals’ backs, gaining a false sense of welfare slagged with selfishness and carelessness.

It’s nothing but…sad


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