Blank Four

Just as we were getting a grip on ourselves after the last month’s loss. We’re hit by another, an undoubtedly devastating loss.

Rest in peace cousin, Abdelrahman, you were one of the few good men. You do whatever you do quietly, you served what you believed in for the sake of your parents and your family, which is something I respect regardless of anything.

Abdelrahman is only  23 days older than me, his death and absence are still quite incomprehensible to me. The weight of this loss still didn’t sink in. It’s hard to lose someone close, as much as it’s hard to lose someone you grew up with.

My cousin, my friend…
I won’t claim we were close, but along the years we shared moments, might not be as much as it should be for us living only two floors apart, but I can remember some, in our gatherings with the cousins, the exchanged jokes over our teen-heights, the family meals…


No more of these for us, no more, sadly.

Farewell, Abdelrahman…May you reside in the highest heavens, for all the good you did, a martyr…

Blank Three


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