I always roam for random bits of knowledge, learning something new, finding answers to the intriguing questions I ask myself. It’s how I’ve learned how to solve a Rubik’s cube, it’s why I’ve researched ambigrams and eventually found a website that makes them (gotta put that to use though). I was curious about anagrams but it didn’t challenge me enough to the limit I’d be urged to research the subject….

It’s all about triggers!
I decided to learn how to solve Rubik’s cubes years after my first encounter with one. I was coming home one day and out of nowhere I found myself telling me “What the hell, let’s solve the Rubik’s cube!” I bought one and sat down to a 7-part youtube video for around 7 hours to get it done the first time, I felt awesome!I found out about ambigrams from the popular novel “Angels & Demons” by Dan Brown (Author of “Da Vinci Code”, both novels were turned into movies) and I started to look further online after I failed to sketch anything like it.
Anagrams were used in Da Vinci Code but it was too random and it seemed unusable to me, so I dropped it because the same novel had lots of hidden messages, clues and puzzles to be solved. That’s why I went over to wikipedia and read so much about how they used to deliver messages in WWI and WWII, the way they coded the messages, the development of these ways and the ways the other camp attempted to decipher these codes. It was very complicated but equally amusing, to me of course.
I’ve also attended two creative writing courses with Linda Cleary in the Diwan bookstores, which I found very useful to me in terms of honing my writing skills and having a vision to what I am writing and how I’m writing it.

Lately, I decided to make use of my “unemployment” season and learn something new. After a long talk with my brother about IQ, science and knowledge among many other things. He gave me a link to a website that teaches basic programming languages, for purposes of designing websites and applications. I gave it a try, and I was done with the “HTML/CSS” course pretty quickly, I downloaded more tutorials and did more research on the topic. All that remains is that I put it to use, which is currently unlikely because I’m supposed to be an architect (sure, heh) and it’s hardly possible that I’ll be able to use that kind of knowledge at work.

My old best friend, nicknamed Spectre, advised me to go further and learn the C language (C, C++ or C#). Why? because simply, it can be used to code “games”. Well, that was enough for me to get started 😀


That’s where I’m currently at in my journey for knowledge, I’m planning for these travels to soon meet what I’m doing in my job, architecture. But I’ll wait and see how far I’ll go with C.

Everything you learn is a language you grow to speak and comprehend.


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