One million, one day, throw it all away

Day 1: If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?

Before I begin, let’s first mutually agree on a few things.

“Money is the root of all evil.”

It is the reason of most -if not all- the unethical doings and intentions of humans. The whole setting of having to bust your ass daily to earn it so you can “live” is bullshit. Money gives abusive and authoritative power to its owners above others who deserve authority.

Bottom-line, I hate it… *someone yells* “WATCH OUT FOR THE CONTRADICTION TRAIN!” Not that I don’t need it, I do need it. But it’s not the ultimate goal. What I sometimes tell myself is that I’ve lived with the least money dependent lifestyle I could manage. People always say you have to, so I thought “to hell with you too, people!”

So for the sake of the original question, let’s assume I laid my hands on a million dollars. How? you ask? My buddy in Gotham city sent over some extra from the bank robbery last week, now chill out because I have to spend it in one day or else I’m dead.

My first instinct would be trying to cheat the “one day” condition. I’ll try giving it over to someone to retrieve it later. As I can’t think of something I’d want to immediately do with a million dollars. I’d prefer to keep them available whenever something comes up, for safety, you never know what might come up.

After I fail cheating the condition, I think I’ll go for a full upgrade of the basics. A new apartment for me and my family, new furniture and everything, this time I might have a say in things since I’m the one buying. Don’t worry mom I’ll let some of your picks slide. Then a device upgrade, a whole set of monster laptops/PCs for me and my brothers for gaming and graphic rendering purposes of course. I’m gonna buy a whole lot of mind-fuck games and puzzles. A ton of Zen-magnets or neo-cubes or whatever they’re called, you know them. I’m gonna pay for a long long internship in Riot Games, inc. I might give my private room a shot at becoming real. After that I’m gonna go for some long-term utility. Find residence in two countries in two different climatic zones. Two sturdy cars and a dozen fancy bikes for me and my brothers, of course with the respective parking spots, exclusive use for a lifetime. Also help start-up an Egyptian gaming company. I would’ve tried to fund the publishing of my first book, but that’s far from being complete or ready to publish.

I wouldn’t want to upgrade into an extravagant life, just an upgrade to the current lifestyle. So I could afford maintaining it after the day is over. I’d want to buy some gifts to those who are worthy of, but I’m not very good at gift-giving.

Or I could save myself the effort and avoid all this trouble give the money to my younger brother, he’ll know how to make this million disappear. :’)

Oh before I forget, THANK YOU HEATH LEDGER!


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