The last supper

Day 2: The world is ending tomorrow! Tell us about your last dinner — the food, your dining companions, the setting, the conversation.

This wouldn’t require much thought!

I know it’s a dinner and everything but PIZZA can be eaten at anytime of day. And who cooks the most delicious pizzas? MY MOM!

But since she won’t be able to cook for such a large number of invitees, even with me and my brothers’ help. The dinner will be a contest between my mom’s pizza, Papa John’s pizza and a third awesome pizza place I haven’t discovered yet (because Pizza Hut sucks ass). There will be a variety of pizzas: Mom makes tuna, hot dog, shrimp, chicken and pastirma and eggs pizzas. Smokey cheese, three cheese, meat lovers, Chicken BBQ and Super Papa’s pizzas are obviously from Papa John’s. Plus the equivalents to the previous from that third place.

Each plate served will contain three slices, one of each maker’s pizza. We’ll be taking votes but let’s admit it, mom’s pizza wins unanimously.

I don’t think people would need any sides or snacks after the pizza overdose. But for those who might, I’ll ask a friend or two to make some donuts or cupcakes maybe. As for drinks, fresh juices, cocktails and milkshakes, no coke!

Many members of my family will be there, and also those friends who are among my personal list of favorite people, but everyone is welcome anyway.

I wouldn’t force a certain conversation, but since the world ends the next day, maybe we’ll talk a little about the foods we want to find in heaven.


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