First Name Switch

Day 11: If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?I would switch my first and last names, or drop my current first name and just be Nabih.

It’s more me! My first name has been used on very rare occasions anyway, and I like to be called “Nabih”. It’s arabic for “smart, clever, intelligent, genius, etc.”. And there aren’t any ironic contradictions here. 😀

And it’s also my way of always remembering my dad, may he rest in peace.

Even if Ahmed is easier and more common but I usually introduce myself as like James Bond. “Hey, I’m Nabih, Ahmed Nabih.” I even asked the students at my previous job to call me Nabih, so I became Mr Nabih and I liked the sound of that.

Oh, the countless times I’ve been told “Oh, you ARE Nabih!” or been introduced as “This is Nabih, and he really IS Nabih”

It’s just awesome 😀


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