Hidden stuff

Day 10: Tell us about the last thing you hid.

*some laughs*
Okay this might be a bit embarrassing 😀
The last thing I hid is a Rubik’s cube!
But it’s no ordinary Rubik’s cube 😀

Here’s the story:
Back in 2012 during the mid-year vacation, two of my friends few to Netherlands for 10 days. I asked them to get me a gift, a puzzle, something challenging, just anything with a reasonable “mindfuck” factor. Well, they couldn’t find me anything so they got me a Rubik’s cube. I’m not a stranger to Rubik’s cubes, in fact, I’ve been solving Rubik’s cube for about a year back then. But they might have taken the “mindfuck” factor too seriously…
They got me a Rubik’s cube from the popular Red District in Amsterdam. A Rubik’s cube that’s 18+!
Each face is colored AND has a picture of a *cough* sex position you have to pay attention to.
Anyway, we met after they came back, my other friends were already laughing as they saw it before I arrive. I burst in teary laughter the moment I saw it! It was so damn hilarious I couldn’t talk for quite some time. xD


Literally! It was a bit harder than an ordinary cube, but I figured it out pretty fast. That year I kept it in the apartment we used to stay, it was the senior college year. It stayed there until we left. After I took my things home, the first thing I did was stash the cube “somewhere”. My brothers laughed when they saw it, but my mom hasn’t saw it yet (and I’m not planning to show it to her, hehe)


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