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Okay, so this is me here doing a report on…ummm…myself?

You know when you’re playing a time trial in a racing game and you pass by checkpoints then your time get extended and you get a shot at getting to the one after and so on? That’s one thing.

You also know when you’re playing adventure games or side-scrollers (like Mario) and then you pass by a certain point where you can respawn at after -God forbid- YOU DIE MISERABLY LIKE A N3WB13? Read the rest of this entry


Things I’ve managed to do today instead of writing

I think I should write one of my own “Things I’ve managed to do instead of writing”

Sincerely, Salma

I should be writing, I really should; I have this idea and I’ve planned it out and even thought of characters and wrote a one page summery. I SHOULD BE WRITING. But I am not, and it’s amazing what I manage to come up with to procrastinate.

Just so you’d have an idea, these are some of the things that I thought “I have to get over with first and then I’ll really get down to writing” during today, Friday, the weekend, when it’s usually the only chance I can get a big chunk of pages done.

–        Reading another chapter, then another, then another… of Paper Towns.

–        Watching a cooking show on TV.

–        Watching an entire season of The Office.

–        Eating chocolate.

–        Googling stuff written in German on the back of the chocolate wrapping because it tasted funny.

–        Turns out chocolate IS expired.

–       …

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If my blog was one of those big corporates. These would be my job titles.

Why you ask? Because that’s what I’ve been doing lately. I’ve done it before for quite sometime and as I look now, it doesn’t seem I managed to fully recover. Read the rest of this entry


Not because there’s too much to keep in… Read the rest of this entry