Not because there’s too much to keep in…
Nor because there’s too much to be done…
It’s because there’s not too much to be done but I end up with an overload of thoughts that lead to nothing that actually serves the simplest, littlest things that I need to do!
It’s not a question of ability or skill, it’s a question of the questions.
The field of questions that sprout in a matter of seconds…

So stop talking, stop thinking about the bigger picture, stop gathering opinions and points of view, stop taking in different perspectives, it’s too soon! Stop looking for explanations, stop thinking about expectations and for the love of god stop predicting! What lies ahead awaits you if you take the steps to reach it. You do not predict the things that will happen, not just because they’ll lose their lustrous element of surprise, but because that way you aren’t really living, you’re playing a game with your mind and maybe your mind wins but your existence is at loss.

You can’t -not to mention shouldn’t- celebrate something before its happening. So go live a little, wait no, go live much!

You’ll see what this and that means or meant eventually. You know you’re so afraid of making mistakes and getting hurt and losing the edge you subconsciously awarded yourself, the edge you take for granted, the edge that has become a mental abomination that just enfeebles you every time you tell yourself “I deserve better than this!” then you start listing a hundred obstacles you could easily overcome if you tried, but what you don’t list down are the thousands of obstacles that could’ve got you where you think you deserve if you tried and failed, tried and slightly shifted away from the preplanned path, tried and went back to square one or just…tried!

I feel like I’m holding my brain and violently shaking it, shocking it just to disturb its so called balanced state, or comfort zone. Balance and comfort? I can’t even date when these actually inhabited that mind.

I am doing it again, I’m fast forwarding the hours to see who will read this and who will think what of it.


This is for your own good, “our” own good. Believe me, trust me, I know you share the will of getting out of this mental zone. Come with me, we’ll make some things that are worthwhile.

This is for both of us, this is for me…

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