Things I’ve managed to do today instead of writing

I think I should write one of my own “Things I’ve managed to do instead of writing”

Sincerely, Salma

I should be writing, I really should; I have this idea and I’ve planned it out and even thought of characters and wrote a one page summery. I SHOULD BE WRITING. But I am not, and it’s amazing what I manage to come up with to procrastinate.

Just so you’d have an idea, these are some of the things that I thought “I have to get over with first and then I’ll really get down to writing” during today, Friday, the weekend, when it’s usually the only chance I can get a big chunk of pages done.

–        Reading another chapter, then another, then another… of Paper Towns.

–        Watching a cooking show on TV.

–        Watching an entire season of The Office.

–        Eating chocolate.

–        Googling stuff written in German on the back of the chocolate wrapping because it tasted funny.

–        Turns out chocolate IS expired.

–       …

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