In the forest where none may pass but you…

In the forest where none may pass but you, you’ve taken all the available detours trying to get around it instead of going through. And every time you lock onto a path and go forward, the vines grow behind you and block your way back. You’ve been circling around that forest for a long long time that both of you grew, but not in the same way. The forest grew thicker, you grew weaker. The forest grew higher, your back bent low. The forest twirled with life, while your soul sank deeper…

In the forest where none may pass but you, you found no soft bark to lean on. Thorns were growing all over the greens, detaching this conjoined convoluted lively creature from its past and what it was like. You stand before it, looking back at how you used to go around as if you owned it, as if you earned it, as if it’s meant to be yours, as if it’s supposed to last forever. You reminisce the memories of joy and determination that fueled your non-stop movement, the movement the branches and leaves kept in sync with. You roamed around aimlessly and the forest always made way for you, and you only bore the weight of your very own head, a torch and a backpack with a few valuable unmentionables. You didn’t even worry when your torch went off after a run or two, pitch black didn’t reveal itself at the moment.

In the forest where none may pass but you, everything made way for you even though you broke some branches as you got taller, faster and tougher. You couldn’t help it, both of you grew, but not in the same way. Branches grew firm and stern and didn’t bend with much ease.

In the forest where none may pass but you, you had no choice but to keep your pace. The grove you were once in harmony with was becoming indifferent, it kept on growing the way it grows and you kept running breaking highs and lows. And before the following season’s start, you both knew you’re growing apart.

In the forest where none may pass but you, there was a gradient of loneliness in between every step. At first you didn’t mind but you were told that loneliness is as harmful as turning blind. You moved on. By the edge of the forest you saw a campfire and trudged through the crackling intertwined limbs. And now as you recall that moment, your mind drops a muffled shout. Like a desperate attempt to hold you back but faints. You set for the smoke signal but for a tenth of a second you got distracted, tripped and fell. A tiny-sized iridescent lit creature appeared, and the trees -like old times- were pulsating to your surprise. You slowed down for a second and asked the rainbow pixie “That’s the forest that bent with me, is this magic? sorcery? or just you being tricksy?”. Her answer came in squeaks “To you, this forest no longer speaks, just go after your kin. Let me heal this grove so you can take it for a spin.”

Out of the forest where none may pass but you, you found no rest. You found no peace. Your kin was not one to conform with. The first clan were fit but mislead, you lead them and the first thing they do was outrun you. You spared every breath you can afford to keep up but in vain, you were forced to slow down and take in the pain. You arrived at a village lying under the clear starry sky. The villagers were friendly and to their enlightened chiefs you were known. They said they heard stories of the boy who surfed the leaves. You were greeted and offered their signature delicacy: a baked blueberry bun, with a custard star for topping. They said their ancestor’s spirits blessed with vigor whoever takes a bite. You took as many as you could fit into the backpack and set off again, with promises to come back. The next tribe you found were a couple of survivors, they didn’t need a leader, they only wanted to survive. You approached them carefully and you noticed the diversity. None of them was like another, different origins and different skills, but they definitely didn’t grow up in your green flat plains. You came to know they were up-brought in the grey rocky peaks. You learned to be a follower, earned your keep with what the forest taught you, little did they know of the green flats and little did you know of the grey peaks. It was a bumpy relentless ride yet your collective efforts made it worth the discomfort, as you stormed into the lands of the extreme and came out glorious. But soon as you ran out of deserts to cross, sandstorms to endure, icebergs to break and avalanches to dodge. You were worn out and drained of all power.

You went back to the forest where none may pass but you. Here you are, standing before it, looking back at how you used to run around as if you own it. The whole journey flashes before your eyes. After all you’ve been through, the story isn’t the way you remember. You set out of the forest to fill a gap the forest outgrew. The gap which your kin, the enlightened and the survivors could not possibly fill. And as you replay that muffled shout, you realize the trees were only trying to uproot!

Outside the forest where none may pass but you, the realization sinks in as the iridescent pixie materialize.
“I’ve watched you grow and cut these ties. The trees sought my help in anguish, it wanted nothing but a magical wish. I granted it but cheated you when, I led you out of your raw living den. The trees wished to get back their youthful bloom, to twist and bend with your every move. I took the liberty of sending you afar, and seized this helpless grove to scar.”

“What you see now and couldn’t see then, your trees were trying to be human. Now I have your grove within my grasp. Nothing you can do would restore your past.”

You walk into the forest, where none may pass but you. The thick vines slowly make way, not as welcoming. Though it feels like it still wants you back…

This time, you heavily pull your feet, one after the other. The broken torch is heavier than ever, the blueberry custard buns went stale. You’re no longer with your kin, the enlightened nor the survivors. You lean on the thorny barks, they scratch you back. You realize that nothing can bring back the days you moved with the forest. Nothing can fill the gap that the forest outgrew, so you know you have to go forward. And so you do…
In the forest where none may pass but you, you passed, alone.


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