Jadal concert tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s Jadal’s live concert! Yay or Nay?
I’m pretty excited to be honest; I’ve never been to a live concert before. They’re just not my thing, but I agreed to join my friends on this one as I felt I needed the change and I didn’t mind the change to be this.
I know Jadal from years ago, a friend of mine is a hardcore fan of underground music and he used to make us listen to them in our apartment where we worked together back in college. I’m a fan of rock music, so it was normal to grow to love Jadal, or two or three of their songs to begin with. The songs were -to be precise- Ahla Oyoun, Bye Bye 3azizi and their cover of El Tobah…while I’m writing now there’s also Salma and Bayya3 El Kastanaa’.
The first contact was with Ahla Oyoun as I remember. I loved the part with the guitar solo, it was powerful and it moved me. I continued to listen to these five songs on distant occasions afterwards when I was alone.
Afterwards, I saw their new video of “Al Makina” on release from their facebook page. I fell in love with the song! The video was really creative and unique with its playing with the kinetic typography; it’s my number #1 right now.

Tomorrow I’m gonna be at their concert, I’m really looking forward to it 😀
Here are some links, give’em a try.

Jadal’s Soundcloud

Jadal’s Youtube

My favorites:


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