Nightmare at clown town

I woke myself up five minutes ago because my mind refused to stay on Day 3 with Sarah and her spoiled boyfriend in the abandoned gory bloody city of the hammer wielding clown and his swooshing shadows.
On day 3, we were still settling in a doorless apartment (not that it stopped the clown on Days 1 & 2) when the clown showed up under the building staring at our windows and the shadows were already swooshing by in the corridors. They broke in through the windows on Day 2 and I had no idea how we’re gonna make it, not to mention us having no time to prepare any defences or an escape plan for the night.
I also recall having a car accident with Sarah in what felt like a flashback.

The horror was real.

Now what the actual fuck was that? The fact that I have dreamed of Days 1 & 2 came to me right after I woke myself up.


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