“Hello afterIgotback from the other side”


It’s been ages, I mean, AGES since I decided to fucking sit myself down and fucking write. But before I proceed, I don’t want to ignore or forget the kind words, compliments, encouragement and support of people who used to actually read the different shades of crap I poured here years back. Thanks to each one of you. I appreciate your words. I hold them very dear to my heart. #endofcheesiness

It has been a long time during which I was laying flat on the ground. Like a frozen atom, not even causing the slightest micro-level vibration. Or wait, atom imagery out! Enter segways. You know how people on segways move without actually performing the walking action? That’s the state I’m looking for, a lifeless statue on wheels. But you know what? I jumped.

Last June had my 25th -Silver Jubilee- birthday and to me the number “Twenty Five” sounded like a milestone. Some companies and brands -and even people- don’t make it this far, so I decided to make it important. After a chat with a coworker (shout out to I.E.N., you’re awesome!) during which I failed to recall any rituals I do on my cursed birthday (also because checking facebook for wallposts would’ve been a pathetic answer but I had to do with the little I had). Anyway, I decided to go around and ask the people  “What did you(are you going to) do on your 25th birthday?” you know, to get ideas. I got borderline disappointing and/or boring answers. “I was at work.” “I was at home with the kids.” “I did nothing.”…

Some were caught up in their routine they did not notice that they became 25. Some didn’t care. A few did some serious re-evaluation of their lives. But these weren’t the answers I’m looking for. I.E.N. had the best answer “I decided and planned to attend an Opera in the Russian Bolshoi Theatre, and I did”. That’s the level I was aiming at. For someone whose adventures after 25 years of life were scarce, I was inspired to think of something to make my 25th year a memorable one.

And due to many individual trains of thought and exchanged conversations. A few months later I set my sights on League of Legends World Championship (for those who aren’t familiar with the term, it’s like the football World Cup but for the massively played online team game League of Legends. The finals take place in big venues and huge football stadiums because I’m sensing your judgmental underestimating mumbling. They even call it E-sports and shit, it’s legit) and maybe touring a city or two. I thought of this after I watched last year’s finals. So I would have had to wait a whole year for the next event when I’ll be past 26 but it was the best I had. But…




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