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Too much for one country!

6# Just lose it, go crazy, oh baby

An ex-goalkeeper, a former vice-president of the Egyptian Football Association, football commentator and a TV show anchor. Ahmed Shobeir, publicly well-known around Egypt for all kinds of reputations, has added another label “Ridiculously moronic” as was his show on the 17th of October 2012. Read the rest of this entry


#5 – Matchmaker Ad

Being desperate is ugly!

The worst thing in the world is to be stripped off your options, your freedom.
With nothing left to do you’ll be humiliating yourself in so many ways.

This anonymous spray-paint advertisement is a result of a very long list of defiled morals and contaminated standards.

I’m too frustrated to describe =|

4# – Police Fail

So it’s the strictness of laws and their enforcement that pushes the citizens to abide by them and maintain the order.

Which is exactly NOT the way things go in Egypt, we have laws, for the law enforcers to make money. We have rules, so people can run around them, exploit the cavities and abuse them, again to make more money than they deserve. Read the rest of this entry

3# – Brainwashing lvl: Haifa Wehbe

It’s simple, if you want to control people, shift their interests towards trivial matters…
and that’s exactly what’s happening, whenever there’s a serious problem or a disaster that deserves to be solved. Read the rest of this entry

#2 – Ikhwan Page Fail

So here’s the 2nd EG-FAIL post…this time with both hilarious and embarrassing. Just pure FAIL

So we’ve all heard about Azza Faiad, the young egyptian girl who succeeded in producing hydrocarbon fuel by catalytic cracking of plastic waste utilizing a new cheaper type of catalyst. People shared her story for winning the European Commission’s initiative “European Union Contest for Young Scientists” out of pride and hope in the hidden and usually underestimated abilities, she’s only 16 by the way so…SHE’S QUITE AMAZING!

I’ve got nothing against anyone who shared her story…but it’s that only page that shared it, added their own “touch” Read the rest of this entry

#1 – Fara’een Channel

This channel’s FAIL level is OVER 9,000!

It deserves to be present in my first “EG-FAIL” post!

First, the channel is owned by Prof. Tawfik Okasha, with a degree in FAIL has been a massive subject for mockery since it was founded. With Okasha himself presenting most of its shows (not sure if it’s many shows or it’s one big show…) I never actually watched the channel because I care about my mental health. Read the rest of this entry


Because we all suffer from the current egyptian conditions, in every aspect of life there’s a level of FAIL that is constantly performed by the egyptians no matter who they are or what their character is, FAIL EXISTS! and we all contribute to it, directly or indirectly…I’m starting a series of posts categorized “EGYFAIL” as well as a twitter hashtag with #egyfail Read the rest of this entry