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A brief diary I keep on work and the thoughts I have there.

This is our farewell

I sent this to the little group of coworkers/friends I made in my first job on my last day there. I’ll just leave this here to come back to it later. Read the rest of this entry



This part of my life is different. It feels like nothing I’ve been through before. I can’t tell if it’s a good or a bad feeling, but there’s a possibility it can be neither. Yes, that’s how it feels like, it’s neither good or bad, yet. It’s like the build up taking time before the occurrence of something big, could be a blessing or an explosion I don’t know. I’m giving it time so I can see it better when it evolves into a defined and framed being whom I can interact with.

I placed myself in a spot that’s not of my wanting. But it was the right decision, and that decision was needed to be made. It might set me off a different path from anything that I had planned, close to none of what I had planned since my plans weren’t working. My plans weren’t that clear and I wasn’t very confident about them either. So I let myself go with the flow, for once, as the resistance wasn’t getting me anywhere.

Modello Architects:
There is also another beginning in the making, something returning from the past but taking on a new form. This one has more of my “wanting” and it makes me feel positive and excited, it’s the creation of something which has the potential of becoming big on the long run. It’s one of those things which unload a ton of responsibility and seriousness whenever it’s the dominant thought in your head. I’m betting on it, on us to be precise. I hope it gets farther than we foresee.

Day numberless: Responsibility

Richard: You dunno how to do anything, none of you. You’re halfway through your second year of residency and you walk around here like it’s your God given right to be here…
Well it is not Dr. Grey, I assure you. You’re here because I allow it. You are here to do what I say and the one thing I asked you to do, you can’t even save…
Derek: Richard!…We can’t save everybody.
Richard: We should try harder, we should try harder…

Day 85: Karma definitely is a bitch…

Make one mistake, just a single mistake that is irreversible, uncorrectable and your day will not go the way you wish it would. That mistake will turn people mad, at you, nearly hating you for they had to take the blame with you when they didn’t have to.

bottomless dark pit

With only my haunting thoughts around, blaming me, insulting me, telling me off, unbelieving that I did what I did…

“There’s nothing there to see, nothing but my own mistakes staring back at me asking why?!”

Surrounded by regrets and guilt. I cave into the negativeness that follow… Read the rest of this entry

Day 75 Mid-year closing in

I definitely made progress, I’m quite sure of that. I’m more settled, certainly more confident and more open to deal with most of the things I may face during my work days. Read the rest of this entry

Day 31

Shit just got serious!

After today’s staff meeting, for the first time I felt how immense the volume of the project we’re working on. I found out that I’m a member of an entity established long before I even knew about it for the first time. It feels good to be honest, gives you some sort of motivation and an exciting push. Knowing the size of the creation I’m within is crucial for me to evaluate and estimate what I’ll be representing. Read the rest of this entry

Days 22 to 28


Week 3 – Days 15 to 21

Last week, my boss wanted to talk to me before we left. I didn’t have any idea what he wanted to talk about, but my mind instantly started to look for the things that seemingly looked like mistakes. Three days later, very briefly and quickly after the day was done and everyone was heading home, I stopped and asked. Read the rest of this entry

Days 9 to 14

N.B: I couldn’t post throughout this week so I’ll just merge them into this single post. I’m thinking about making this a weekly post because the routine gears are getting in place and there’s no point re-writing what I mentioned previously.

Back from the Eid holidays, these 6 days felt more crowded than before, and that’s normal because we’re picking up the pace with the students and starting new branches of Math. I’m still adapting to the ratio between the working time and the free time. Because that’s how I’ll get other things done, things I need to do like imEU’s work and personal stuff like posting here for example. Read the rest of this entry

Days #7,8 Being serious and shit

On these two last days before the Eid holidays, I was given more responsibilities. Students asked me questions about things they don’t understand, I did a good job  answering them or at least I hope I did. I’m glad my colleagues have trusted me with this =)

One other thing they threw upon me was to watch over around 25 kids in an exam session. I spent 4 or 5 hours going back and forth, distributing looks on each and every one of them. A shush here and a silent warning there, answering this question or making this joke. I won’t tell you I had full control over the session, actually it got ridiculous in the last hour when there were fewer kids left. *tag: postponed point* Read the rest of this entry