A hand less


Dream Park, with imEU OCs

The day was super fun, it’s been a while since I last went to Dream Park and I did miss it. I haven’t been there since prep school, I had lots of good memories there. However, this time was the best, I had a good time with everyone. This isn’t the main issue though so I’m gonna skip to it directly.

We were heading towards this simple rollercoaster and my friends entered the queuing area and started running towards the entrance gate. I loved that ride the last time I was in the Park and I rode it like 7 times in a row. I was excited and decided to jump over the queue fence to get there faster. They were around 10 and they were pretty short, but they were pretty close together so it was a bit tricky. Anyway, I jumped over the first one successfully, the second was close so I had to hop again once I landed. I didn’t want to stop and readjust to jump again, which went well until jump #4 when my leg got caught on top of the separator and I fell on my right shoulder. I stood up laughing of course and so did my friends who saw me. It hurt a bit but I didn’t care at the moment. The pain got worse as time passed and I skipped some rides because of it. The day went without any problems though, as I didn’t do much afterwards when I got home. It wasn’t broken thanks God, but any movement related to the shoulder hurt me badly.

Trouble began when I tried to wear a T-shirt to sleep. I couldn’t stretch my right arm, things got tricky and painful but I managed to do it. That’s when more problems emerged…

I couldn’t turn over while I’m sleeping because any pressure on the arm hurt badly woke me up. The next day I couldn’t drink or eat with that hand. I couldn’t move my right hand between the keyboard and the mouse. So I used my left hand to pick the right one up back and forth. My brother laughed at it and so did I.

It felt like being crippled, with the hand there needing support to do just a few functions. I noticed many actions which didn’t seem likely to need the right hand. I don’t remember anything specific right now, but I remember apologizing to it 😀

It was one of the rare incidents I recklessly make a decision which risked me getting a physical injury, which most of the time prevents me from doing things that I want to. But nevertheless I did, jumped like a kid only wanting to race his friends to the gate even though he knew they were all riding together.

Thank GOD now I can reach out for the phone on my desk, wear clothes with minimal pain, eat and drink the “right” way =)

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

Count your blessings; you never know where destiny strikes


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