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Three years ago, I decided to gradually give away games and gaming. Because back then, I was aiming to improve my situation in college. I was dissatisfied with how things took me and where I ended up. I had my reasons, and I proceeded with the steps. I spent way too much time on facebook game apps. Competing with friends in almost all of the popular games. And when facebook bores me I have a couple of online games, and if I have enough of those I have a bunch of other games to play offline. I would not claim that I’m a hardcore gamer because I’m not. I don’t consider myself “hardcore” in anything which is……IRRELEVENT! Read the rest of this entry


5 Years of my Engineering Life

This day, the one that ended a couple of hours ago. Dated 26/7/2012, will always be a special day. The day I turn the final page in that Chapter of my life and write down: The End.

And I find myself ovewhelmed, overwhelmed by happiness, appreciation, optimism with bits of pride. I can loudly say that I’ve completed my University Education! That’s HUGE! For everyone who gets this far it’s great, but for me it holds more meaning to it than most things I may have done. These five years, these tough, back breaking years. With all the obstacles and frustrations I’ve been through, are finally over…! Read the rest of this entry


يا طور يا مربوط أرفض تلف
أكسر تروس ساقيتك واشتم وتف
قال بس خطوة كمان وخطوة كمان
يا أوصل نهاية الطريق يا البير تجف

In everywhere I try to know the rules and follow them, unless any of these rules doesn’t make sense to me. That’s when I riot and try to break them, make my own rules, question the existence of this certain rule and if it does apply to me or is it just stupidly made. If this rule puts me in a disadvantage and I can’t live with it, why would I follow it? Maybe I’m trying to be the exception, maybe I love being the exception. But what if the exception should be the norm? Read the rest of this entry

Parents aren’t perfect III

I was hanging out oneday with two of my friends, they were talking about how their family names always raised questions about them being related to some known person. Then they went on talking about the real notable people from their great grandfathers and so. I don’t know about any notable people in the roots of my family, and I don’t think there are. But I felt obliged to say something so I just went on about my both parents’ origin being Damietta. Then the conversation drifted somewhere else. But my mind kept thinking for a while and I left my friends talking (they’re girls and they do it very well :D) Read the rest of this entry

Mathematically Intrigued

Lots of years ago, I guess I was in first prep or so. I read a story of a smart arabian wazir from a couple of centuries back, who did his king and kingdom some great favor that I can’t remember. But when he was asked what he wants for a reward, he didn’t say money or gold. Read the rest of this entry

#RandomShit that’s been on my mind

Some of the things that’s been crowding the traffic in my head in the last couple of days…. Read the rest of this entry