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The last cry


And totally you’re the one to blame for ruining Architecture, an extremely interesting science, for me. Architecture is not really complex, it goes deep into the human and from this depth creates a functioning space for which he can perform his different needs. It’s very challenging on the mental and intellectual side, yet its results are physical and solid. Read the rest of this entry


Epic Cox

if you know what I mean

oh nevermind, you don’t have to know what I mean xD

anyways here’s Dr Cox from Scrubs who has just made my day with this clip xD


I’m not making any sort of sense…
not to anyone, not to myself…

How can I get this straight?

As if I’m in a bar…

“would you like to have something to drink?”

“Yes please, the regular irregular, with ice”

[Curtain closes]

See? farthest thing from sense…

The gift-giving institution

“The entire institution of gift giving makes no sense. Let’s say that I go out and I spend 50 dollars on you. It’s a laborious activity because I have to imagine what you need whereas you know what you need. Now I could simplify things, just give you the 50 dollars directly and then you could give me 50 dollars on my birthday and so on; until one of us dies leaving the other one old and 50 dollar richer and I ask you is, it worth it?” Read the rest of this entry

Inter-galactic difference

I look at you…and back at myself…

I listen to what you say…then I read my thoughts…

I see your pictures…and I turn to see the world…

Do you come from another planet?

Or am I the alien in your eyes?


The Italian football club
My all-time favorite team

AS THE CHAMPION OF EL-SCUDETTO (The Italian Football League) Read the rest of this entry

4# – Police Fail

So it’s the strictness of laws and their enforcement that pushes the citizens to abide by them and maintain the order.

Which is exactly NOT the way things go in Egypt, we have laws, for the law enforcers to make money. We have rules, so people can run around them, exploit the cavities and abuse them, again to make more money than they deserve. Read the rest of this entry

World…Hold on!

A regular guy, who studies at the faculty of engineering. He’s a student in the civil engineering department, or was it communication? I don’t know. It’s his second year, or the third…doesn’t matter. He had already spent enough time to feel suppressed by the lifestyle. The tight schedule, the ongoing endless pursuit for out-dated information. knowing he’d never use it when he’s a graduate, he doesn’t give it much attention, he doesn’t need to fully understand or grasp this knowledge. He’s become that practical, that all of these courses are marks he needs to score. Just to please those Professors, or his parents. Those 1500 marks have become his only worry. GOTTA CATCH’EM ALL!

Read the rest of this entry

Restraining tension

I got my eyes on you
and I dunno what to do
How can I get your attention? Read the rest of this entry

A kid & his veggies

Here’s a kid…
and here are his vegetables…
So how do you get the kid…
to eat his vegetables? Read the rest of this entry