The world has agreed

Earth, the home planet for numerous creatures, these creatures are different from each other. They differ in the environments they live in, the food they live on, the way they reproduce, their bodies and how they look, their colors…etc.

One of these creatures is the human, who’s considered  -by themselves- as the most complex creature existing on this planet. And this complexity among other factors has put them ahead of all others. Humans between themselves aren’t united, they have so much to share, but they are very different. That’s what adds complexity because; they don’t have a unified life cycle they all go through. Even the general cycle which starts with Birth and ends with Death, these two events vary from one human to another. And a person increases this diversity to what they see or do, where they go, what they learn and who they meet.


But coming to think deeply about it, not really DEEP in the literal sense of the word. I realized humans have agreed to like four things….




that’s it 😛


Posted on November 11, 2011, in Everything. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. FRENCH FRIES, ICECREAM, CHOCOLATE & PIZZA! + BED Activities (sleeping at least =D)

  2. haha! you’re right about that =D

  3. aiwaaaan!! HOMA DOL!! =D

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