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I wish I could have met everyone you know. I wish I could have been there to hear everything everyone ever said to you, from the grandiose proclamations to the offhanded commentary. I wish I could have written it all down for later speculation, saved it somewhere I would have been able to reference whenever needed. Then, at least, I would know who told you. I would know if it was one person or a hundred, a school bully from across the playground or a past love who wanted to hurt you one last time before you went your separate ways. Because someone told you — convinced you, even, and it seems not to have been so hard-won — that you are not important.

You apologize for things which are not your fault, even for things which hurt no one. You will bump into a table and mutter that you…

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Blank Two

Look inside this blank


Look inside this blank

Somewhere, someone

I found this on one of my friends’ tumblr….

Somewhere, someone
thinks they love someone else
exactly like I love you.

Somewhere, someone
shakes from the ripple
of a thousand butterflies
inside a single stomach.

Somewhere, someone
is packing their bags to see the world
with someone else. Read the rest of this entry

It’s about time, isn’t it?

Having to wake up for work every day, planning a monthly budgets to outline how much you spend of your salary, being responsible of a task from A to Z, keeping contact with those who matter, and others who matter less, watching your words, your actions, your intentions and being careful with everything that has your name on it… Read the rest of this entry

Day numberless: Responsibility

Richard: You dunno how to do anything, none of you. You’re halfway through your second year of residency and you walk around here like it’s your God given right to be here…
Well it is not Dr. Grey, I assure you. You’re here because I allow it. You are here to do what I say and the one thing I asked you to do, you can’t even save…
Derek: Richard!…We can’t save everybody.
Richard: We should try harder, we should try harder…