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150th vent: Twenty-three years

Excuse me if I’m not feeling like it, but reaching my 23rd year was accompanied by a considerable loss which occurred three days ago.

While I keep saying that I’m fine and I’m okay. Still not okay to the degree of celebrating a birthday, being happy for the day that comes once a year three days after one that comes once in a lifetime.

I thought about spending sometime with my cousins, it might make me feel better, but after a long day they must be asleep by now. Or spending time together. I preferred not to make this about me, I can’t. Read the rest of this entry


Blank Three

Look inside this blank

Sowing seeds

Skipping the intros…

There comes a time when you will be becoming someone of use, someone who needs to be there for others because others need to be there for some other people or for themselves and their loved ones.

But is that what you should be all about? being there for someone else?

I just don’t think so, if there’s a priority list, you should land on top of it.

You just don’t get sucked in it. Others need your presence, as well as you, you will also need to be there for them. Read the rest of this entry

The Deepest Darkest Secrets

Friend: Something was wrong with you yesterday

Me: Yeah, Sorry, I was really really mean…
and suicidal.

Suicidal? Tell me more about that 😀

-I don’t like to talk about it much :C Read the rest of this entry